Chapter 1 — There’s So Much at Stake…

Owning a home triggers tremendous excitement and emotion.

A home is a place to raise a family, to create a lifetime of memories. It’s an opportunity to build community, make new friends, play together, enjoy weekend BBQ’s, celebrate proms, graduations and holidays.

Indeed, a home has a profound impact on your lifestyle and family. Just as importantly, a home presents a life-changing financial opportunity.

The financial considerations loom large, especially given ever-changing economic conditions and the uncertainties surrounding jobs, markets, lenders and lending rules and rates. Make the wrong choice, extend your finances too much, sign something in haste or without proper counsel, and what seemed like a secure, wise decision sometimes can lead to devastating loss.

Considering the impact of buying or selling a home, isn’t it in your best interest to work with a real estate professional whose commitment to their profession equals what you have at stake?


Yet, how can you —  How can anyone? — be sure you’ve chosen a truly qualified professional, especially if eight out of ten real estate licensees you’re likely to meet do not have the experience you deserve? That’s right: 80% of  agents do not merit your trust.

Owning a home is too important of a decision to risk working with anyone other than a top professional!

Unlike any company anywhere in this great nation, BrokerInTrust finally solves that problem.

View or turn to Chapter 2 to find out how BrokerInTrust intends to earn your trust.

This is the BrokerInTrust story.

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