Chapter 7 — BrokerInTouch

BrokerInTouch is a unique, unrivaled system available only to BrokerInTrust members and their clients. It consists of an online community connecting only the top real estate people throughout the nation. It uses a proprietary system for sharing up-to-the-minute economic data and market research that, one way or another, will impact every real estate decision.

Within minutes of a critical event in a transaction or sudden market change, BrokerInTrust members share or alert the entire network. Where others take days or week, BrokerInTrust members know in near real time of the latest development. While others are still getting the word, BrokerInTrust members are already reviewing and revising each client specific strategy.


  • BrokerInTrust clients will have the freshest information and the most up-to-date professional opinions available from the most committed and experienced network in real estate. It’s an information advantage available only from a BrokerInTrust member!
  • BrokerInTouch also allows impromptu video conferencing and discussions involving industry experts in multiple specialties, such as mortgage lenders, title insurance officers, home insurance agents, and escrow professionals.
  • With BrokerInTouch, BrokerInTrust members can instantly discuss and explain the impact of a recent regulatory ruling and how it might impact a specific transaction. Information that is missed entirely, slow to arrive, or misunderstood can, quite literally, squash a transaction or financially ruin a client. Including only the smartest brokers in these discussion sessions opens a world of boundless possibilities.
  • BrokerInTouch also creates the platform for contributions and suggestions from the many players in every transaction — lenders, closing agents, title insurance agents, inspection companies, and disclosure companies, to name a few.
  • They all agree to work together to ensure a successful transaction and positive outcome for each client.
  • BrokerInTouch provides the perfect platform for ironing out issues as they arise, sharing suggestions, and implementing solutions. Just as brokers must meet rigorous standards, all service providers approved by BrokerInTrust must ensure their personnel are equally competent and current on key issues within their specialty.
  • Insisting that service providers participate in the private world of BrokerInTrust gives BrokerInTrust clients another informational edge, an advantage needed to succeed and prosper in any real estate transaction.

Take a few minutes to discover the BrokerInTrust Promise presented in Chapter 8.

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