Chapter 3 — Broker or Salesperson? What’s the Difference?

Until BrokerInTrust came along, it was difficult to find committed real estate professionals. How could anyone know if a particular licensee was trustworthy and experienced enough to serve a dear relative, like your mom? How could you or anyone know who was qualified to fulfill your housing needs? Especially today when organized real estate obscures the differences!

But let’s start at the very beginning. Let’s begin with a very basic yet incredibly important question.

Do you know how a real estate licensee, a broker, a salesperson and a Realtor are different? If you do not know the differences, it’s HIGHLY LIKELY you will NOT select the best person to represent you.

The public commonly, and mistakenly, uses the term “agent” when discussing a real estate licensee. Yet, there is no such legal definition; there are only real estate brokers and real estate salespeople. It’s best if you banish the word “agent” from all real estate conversations.

More importantly, brokers and salespeople are real estate licensees, yet there are vast differences between the two types of licensees.

Brokers must complete a longer, more detailed and much more difficult licensing process. Working with a broker ensures that you are dealing with a person who has invested much more time, energy, and resources into real estate as a chosen profession. Plus, and this is very noteworthy, brokers can own their own business. They can hire salesmen and saleswomen. Only 20% of real estate licensees have earned a broker’s license.

By comparison, salespeople WORK FOR a broker. A salesperson cannot represent or negotiate the purchase or sale of property on their own. Every transaction involving a salesman or saleswoman is supposed to be reviewed and approved by their broker, yet this is where the system often jumps off track. Unfortunately, in most instances, the review and approval that is intended to protect clients occurs after the paperwork has been signed by the client. By then, it’s typically too late. Indeed, the overall level of supervision by the responsible broker is highly suspect today in almost all aspects. As will be explained later, that shortfall is especially evident in the very areas where clients most need guidance.

A salesperson’s licensing process is much shorter, simpler, much easier to obtain than a broker’s license. About 80% of real estate licensees are salespeople. Being a salesman or saleswoman requires much less commitment.

A Realtor is a professional designation that brokers and salespeople obtain when they join their local, state and national associations. A Realtor is always a real estate licensee, yet not every licensee is a Realtor. Only about one third of all licensees are Realtors. Unfortunately, the designation “Realtor” has blurred over time in public perception to include any licensee involved in a real estate transaction.

While there are many fine salespeople, the sad fact is that too many are inexperienced, lacking in commitment and, frankly, unworthy of your trust or your business.

So who should you select?

At a minimum, select a broker who is also a Realtor.

But the best option is to select a BrokerInTrust broker because they represent the top 15% of all licensees within your region. BrokerInTrust members have been vetted to ensure they have the extensive experience you need and deserve.


Yet, because most people buy or sell a home only a few times in their lifetime, too many too often turn to friendly faces or nationally known companies, mistaking familiarity and a large office for trust and competence. It’s a big mistake and it’s all too common.

Falling into that trap can lead to lost opportunities, cost you tens of thousands of dollars and create immeasurable stress!

Yet, how can you know if a particular broker is worthy of your business, is skilled and experienced enough that you’d entrust even your mom to their care?

BrokerInTrust was created to answer that question.

BrokerInTrust makes it easy to find a dedicated, committed real estate broker at the top of their game. That is the primary benefit of BrokerInTrust, because it is an organization made for the client.

Real estate professionals must EARN their way into BrokerInTrust, they can’t buy their way in. While every BrokerInTrust member owns their own business, the owners of other real estate companies in many instances are unqualified to be members of BrokerInTrust. Subsequent chapters in the BrokerInTrust story detail this distinction.

BrokerInTrust is not a typical real estate sales organization. It is a totally new model for doing business, a model designed to keep the clients’ needs and expectations in focus at every step in every transaction.BrokerInTrust was designed to assure clients that they will be collaborating with only one of the top Real Estate Brokers in the industry. Our clients will never work with a real estate salesperson.

Owners of other real estate brokerage companies try to make money by leveraging their sales force. Those companies are in the business of recruiting salespeople, and most of the creative focus of the organization is designed to appeal to salespeople, not on better service to clients. They see salesmen or saleswomen as their clients. At BrokerInTrust, real estate salespeople DO NOT EVEN QUALIFY FOR MEMBERSHIP. Thus, BrokerInTrust members are focused on clients and not on recruiting and training new or less committed salespeople.

Real estate professionals must EARN their way into BrokerInTrust. Membership cannot be bought. Members must pass the test of being qualified to work with anyone’s mom.

BrokerInTrust makes a simple promise — you will be working with one of the top 15% real estate licensees in your region.

With a better understanding of the basics, the following video and chapters provide additional insight into how the real estate industry has changed over the decades.

Once you understand what drove those changes and how they hurt consumers, you’ll better understand why BrokerInTrust is the solution. BrokerInTrust takes on the challenging task of finding someone with a commitment equal to what you have at stake in every real estate transaction.

And, you’ll also better understand why BrokerInTrust believes it will transform the face of real estate in the decades to come.

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