Technology Centric

how do we best leverage technology in service of our clients?


Once again – BrokerInTrust has the Answer…

While real estate has kept pace technologically with other professions, it has often focused more on improving inter- and intra-office communication and convenience, and not on systems that improve the client experience. From the convenience and improved accuracy of paperless transactions to instantaneous data and image communication, technology now allows us to positively impact every stage of the broker-client relationship.

Solutions for Today – and Tomorrow

Technology helps industry leaders to lead, and is vital to effectively communicate with your customers. BI has partnered with leading technology companies to make sure members are using the best tools and equipment available, whether it’s

CRM systems, social media, websites, and IDX tools. But that is just the beginning. From there we have reached out to the venture capital, hedge fund, banking and insurance industries to recruit new ideas on leading-edge communication and security tools, to extend our capabilities beyond the average real estate brokerage. BI brokers will be granted access to BrokerInTrust’s proprietary applications and technology, including pre-developed platforms for branding, marketing and business development. There are tools to improve the efficiency of every phase of the real estate transaction, from lead acquisition to signature processing. These technology suites are custom-designed to work the way top brokers do, beginning with our first application — a comprehensive implementation of Transaction Management (TM).

Addressing the core of every broker’s responsibilities, our TM system allows one broker to effectively manage processes that would otherwise require a team of real estate professionals. Complementary systems allow for the flow of leads to cross from one market to another, creating a network of reliable referrals that benefit the entire BI community. BI has also developed a set of tools that incorporate technology into the marketing realm, including those for websites, social media, blogging and more. With these processes in place even a one-person office can operate more efficiently and as cost-effective as a large business.