Broker Transaction Management

Paperless Real Estate Transactions

The Broker Transaction Management (BTM) system for Real Estate Transaction Management keeps all parties to a Real Estate transaction organized and moving forward the “BTM proactive approach”.

Real Estate transactions are complicated.  Your BrokerInTrust Broker is the expert.  BTM takes the standard work flow of the Real Estate Transaction and manages it for the Broker and the Clients they serve.  This allows the Broker to focus on consulting and problem solving as needed, bringing more value to the client experience.  BTM also helps keep the parties in a Real Estate Transaction organized…


Introducing BTM Paperless Transaction Management:

Going paperless and online document management go hand in hand.  With the use of Electronic Signatures and a Secure Client messaging and document repository, clients can sign with ease and stay organized.

Businesses in general have been slowly integrating their work flow into a paperless digital process.  Real Estate is no exception.  The Real Estate industry has been migrating toward a paperless transaction using email as a delivery method for documents.  This method of document delivery is far more efficient than traditional snail mail.

In the simple email delivery method clients receive  the documents, print them, sign them, and then fax or email back to their Agent.  This method however has its challenges.  About half the amount of paper is being used which is an improvement however clients are now forced to use their resources to print and either scan or fax documents back to their Agent.  Clients need to have a printer, scanner and/or a fax machine not to mention toner, paper, ink cartridges etc… in order to complete the document signing task.  The real opportunity to go paperless in Real Estate comes with the advent of Electronic Signatures.

Electronic Signatures allows for document signing with a computer and an internet connection…that’s it.  Totally secure and easy to use.  The use of Electronic signatures introduces a challenge of its own.  How does the client stay organized and store their documents  without printing them and placing them in a paper folder?


Introducing BrokerInTrust Client Message and Document Repository: 

BrokerIntouch has developed a proprietary platform to help Brokers and their Clients stay organized.  When you work with a BrokerInTrust Broker all of your messaging and documents will be securely accessed online on stored in a Message and Document Repository.  BrokerInTrust clients will be able to access their Real Estate transaction related documents 24/7 365 days a year.  This is an excusive offering to clients of BrokerInTrust Clients.  BrokerTransaction Management is an add on service initiated by your BrokerInTrust Broker.