Client InTouch

BrokerInTrust is a revolutionary new real estate brokerage model. It is an all-broker network of elite, highly successful, independent brokers united in a unique culture supported by an advanced technology system. It’s sole objective is to provide unsurpassed client services.

Here’s the BrokerInTrust promise — BrokerInTrust was created for you, the consumer, so here’s our promise: Every BrokerInTrust client can be ABSOLUTELY certain that they will work with a broker who is in the top 20 percent of their local industry.

That may seem like a no-brainer, an obvious, readily achievable objective. After all, who wants to be represented by anyone but the best? Yet the real estate brokerage industry has changed so much over the past two decades that it has given added meaning to an ancient warning — “Caveat Emptor” or “Let the buyer beware.”

Real estate offices used to have no more than ten to 15 agents with an owner or manager involved everyday guiding every agent and monitoring every transaction. Once, there was excellent individual accountability. Once, companies competed for business based on specialized services and intricate systems built to benefit the client.

Today, however, the sad truth for the consumer is that companies have changed: brokerage companies now cater to their real estate agents, not the buyers or sellers the agents represent. Most large, readily recognized companies have shifted their focus to enlisting new agents or recruiting agents from competitors.

This new emphasis employs a warped logic that is difficult for clients to grasp. Because clients cannot readily see the substantive differences among agents at any individual company, it is easier for companies to hire more and more agents, knowing that an enlarged staff typically means more clients and some additional sales.