The Highest Standards

Eliminating agents already makes BrokerInTrust unique. No other national brokerage or California company has implemented such a sweeping reform.

In many instances, that would be enough to satisfy most prospective clients. But there’s still more to the BrokerInTrust promise, including:

• Every BrokerInTrust members must have a minimum five years experience as a full-time real estate professional.

Each broker must have completed a minimum of 50 sales transactions, before they can even apply. Most BrokerInTrust members will have completed several times the minimum. No other company can make that statement.

Every BrokerInTrust member must achieve and maintain the highest level of licensing and training available within their specialty. The best decisions and superior client support emerge from extensive transactional experience. Yet, to stay astute, to maintain a razor-sharp competitive advantage for clients, BrokerInTrust members commit to a demanding regimen of continuing education, conferences and specialized seminars. Only through a commitment to education and advancing their knowledge can a broker anticipate market trends and prepare for events likely to impact client decisions. Knowing the effect of and precisely when a new law, a change in tax policy, or when a local ordinance will take effect often saves clients many thousands of dollars.

BrokerInTrust members must be financially stable, having already proven they are capable of running their own business. That’s a distinction that often eludes modern consumers, yet it is the keystone in the BrokerInTrust business model.

To truly advise clients in a professional way sometimes means recommending a course of action that might not be in a broker’s financial interest. Sometimes the perfect advise is to do nothing: to decide against buying, to reject an offer. Some agents need a commission just to survive, to pay the phone and electric bills. If a part-time agent is struggling financially, can a client truly trust an agent’s advice? By requiring our brokers to be financially self-sufficient, BrokerInTrust further ensures that the client’s needs come first.

Here’s example:

Once an agreement has been reached, a sale can move toward closing. Everything often falls into place smoothly and the sale closes escrow on schedule. In some instances, however, circumstances change and initial decisions must be revisited, reconsidered, or revised to keep the sale on track.

Perhaps a loan approval may require more time than anticipated, so the BrokerInTrust broker must assess the probability of the loan being approved after the extension. For a myriad of valid reasons, the loan might be disapproved, just as easily as it might be approved. Still, it may make more sense to put the house back on the market to avoid losing precious marketing time or miss a price advantage. Or, it may simply be a better decision to allow the extension. That’s one common scenario with many possible outcomes.

Long after the property had been found, long after escrow opened, well past the initial negotiations — only expert advice keeps that transaction moving. Getting the best advise at every benchmark or roadblock in a transaction means trust that your broker has the commitment, experience and professionalism, three of the vital qualities found in every BrokerInTrust member.

Commitment, experience, professionalism — That’s the BrokerInTrust Promise!